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Breeding Contract - HU Sheikh Imaan - Cooled Semen
Stallion Information
Black Straight Egyptian Arabian
Arabian Horse Registry of America (AHR) Registration Number 0581735
World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) Registration Number 002338

Mare Owner Information
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Zip/Postal Code
Mare Information
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Date of Birth/Age
Sire X Dam
Number of Pregnancies
Number of Live Births
Veterinarian Information
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Veterinarian Name
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Shipping Information
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Booking fee .....................................................$175
Stallion service fee (Half-Arabian $1350)..............$1500
Semen collection and shipping fee .......................$375

Cooled semen arrives in syringes which are ready for direct insemination. There is no shipping container deposit and no need to return the shipping container.

Breeding Agreement

Mare owner agrees that they will be purchasing cooled semen during the contract year, which shall be from February 1st – August 1st. It is understood and agreed that if for any reason the mare does not settle; mare owner will hold Azpin Arabians harmless. Mare owner agrees that Azpin Arabians will not be responsible for any disease, accident, injury, sickness or death of mare or foal.
Azpin Arabians recommends that the mare receive a pre-breeding examination by a veterinarian, including an ultrasound and in some cases a uterine culture or biopsy, to confirm breeding soundness. To eliminate preventable abortions due to Rhinopneumonitis, Azpin Arabians requires that the mare receive Rhinopneumonitis vaccinations during the fifth, seventh and ninth months of her pregnancy. Mare owner will be asked to show proof of Rhinopneumonitis vaccinations should the mare abort. Azpin Arabians reserves the right to require a uterine culture and biopsy or recommend that a substitute mare be used to fulfill the contract for a mare with poor fertility who has not conceived after three cycles.
All fees are paid in full prior to shipments and are non-refundable.
Mare owner agrees to place the order for cooled semen, during the contract period, 48 hours prior to the desired insemination date. Orders for cooled semen are placed by calling 1-801-644-6492.
Mare owner is responsible for all facets of the insemination process for mares being bred by use of transported semen. Mare owner agrees that a licensed veterinarian who is qualified and experienced in the use and handling of cooled semen will perform the insemination. Mare owner agrees to use his/her best efforts to perform the insemination procedure within 24 hours and not longer than 48 hours after the collection from the stallion. Mare owner agrees to use all cooled semen provided by this Agreement for the Mare named in this Agreement and no other, without prior approval from Azpin Arabians. If the mare is bred to another stallion during the contract period, return breeding privileges are cancelled and no refund shall be due to the mare owner.
Azpin Arabians shares the common goals with mare owners for easy conceptions resulting in healthy foals. Our continued reputation of excellence depends upon this. Due to the many variables involved with the shipping and breeding process that are beyond our control once the semen leaves our facility, Azpin Arabians makes no warranty/guarantee, written or implied, with respect to the semen; that it will be delivered within a certain time period or that the semen will safely reach the insemination point without loosing integrity or quality.
In the event that the mare does not produce a live foal who can stand and nurse, the mare shall have a return breeding privilege, with no further stallion service fee, for the following breeding season. The mare owner must provide a veterinarian certificate within (14) days, once the mare is determined not to be in foal or fails to produce a live foal. Another mare may be substituted upon approval. If mare owner fails to provide such certificate or fails to place an order for semen during the following breeding season, the return breeding privilege is cancelled and no refund shall be due to the mare owner.
Contracts are non saleable and non transferable. Fees associated with registration of foals are the mare owner’s responsibility. Mare owner agrees to allow the use of photos of foals by HU Sheikh Imaan for marketing purposes on the internet and in print.
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  1. Please keep us updated.  
As your breed date approaches, any information that you can share with us regarding your mare’s status, prior to placing the order, is appreciated as this helps us to plan accordingly for upcoming collections. For example, you may be reporting that she had a prostaglandin shot on Monday; she had a 32 mm follicle today, etc.
  2. Call the day before the collection.  
24 Hours Notice is required when placing your order for cooled semen. You will be calling us the day before the collection. For example, please call us on Monday for a Tuesday morning collection to arrive to you on Wednesday for insemination. We collect Monday through Friday and use FedEx Express Next Day Delivery. FedEx delivers Monday through Saturday.
  3. Place your order for a shipment by telephone.  

Please call (801) 644-6492 to place your order for cooled semen. Please leave a message if you receive our voicemail. Texts or emails may be missed while we are doing collections but we do check our phone messages often throughout the day to insure that all orders are received. We have found this to be the most reliable method of receiving orders. Cooled semen is sent in the order of received phone calls. Please be aware of the possibility of fully booked days.

We will call you back to let you know that we received your order and confirm with you that we will be collecting for you the following morning.

When your shipment is sent, we will notify you with the FedEx tracking number.

  4. We love to know that the breeding was a success.  

We appreciate hearing from you the following day, letting us know that all went well with the insemination and again two weeks later, when your mare is confirmed in foal. From there, we look forward to hearing from you when your foal is born and we love your photos for years to come. Of course, you may always contact us anytime along the way.

Congratulations and we give you our most sincere gratitude for choosing HU Sheikh Imaan. We are confident that you will absolutely love your new foal!




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